Tibo Cras

Tibo started as a student at our school and, after jobs in education and the hospitality industry, made the transition to a career with us. With his drive and ambition, Tibo aims to extract the utmost from himself and his surroundings.

Thanks to his teacher training, Tibo received pedagogical training. After this, he continued to reinvent himself and pursue further education. He has developed himself both in the hospitality sector and beyond, achieving certifications as a wine expert, event manager, first aid, and more. With these, he strives to create the ideal learning environment for both students and teachers.

In his spare time, Tibo is very active. He is often engaged in sports or works in the hospitality industry as a flex job. He likes to maintain his social life with friends and acquaintances by meeting up regularly.

Tibo's motto: "Work hard, play hard." By working hard and often, he makes it possible for himself to relax at the moments and do the things in life he wants to do, like going on vacation, taking on a challenge, dining out...


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