Learn more about Ondernemersschool


Who are we?

We're the largest provider of vocational education in Flanders and the Netherlands, as well as a provider of online vocational courses on an international scale. We offer hundreds of courses, both on-site and through e-learning. Each of our programs gives our students the knowledge and certificates they need to start a career or build a business in the relevant field. As an international training group, we're giving you the opportunity to push your limits! 

We respect our employees' ideas. We'll give you the chance to realize your professional plans and develop your skills with us.


What do we do?

We’ve made it our mission to make distance learning easier than ever. We offer a wide variety of courses, designed for people trying to gain new skills without wasting time or sacrificing other parts of their life. We make sure our courses are easy to combine with your current job, hobbies and responsibilities.

Our goal is to give people around the entire world the right tools to get all the knowledge and skills they need in order to pursue their professional dreams.


We believe knowledge is power

And we live by that - when it comes to our students, as well as our staff. We hire passionate professionals and we respect their desire for growth. Our employees get access to training resources and additional courses to develop their professional skillset. 


Flexibility and camaraderie from afar 

You can find our offices in Antwerp, Ghent, Hasselt, Brussels and Varna. Many of our staff work remotely, and we offer remote work and home office options. We know everyone works best in a different environment, and we value you enough to let you choose yours. We work together through Slack and Asana - you can get to know your coworkers, wherever you are! We also get together at least once annually for corporate celebrations and teambuilding events.